In China, science-based approaches to the virus are being sidelined – CNN

Some of its citizens have taken to contrasting the country’s approach — unfavorably — to that of North Korea, with many arguing that in comparison, the hermit nation has shared more “scientific” information about Covid to the public. China stands isolated from the world in pursuing a zero-tolerance approach that critics say is rooted more in political ideology than science. […]

The Companies That Will Cover Travel Expenses for Employee Abortions – The New York Times

After the Supreme Court’s ruling ending federal abortion rights on Friday, several companies released statements reaffirming their commitment to helping employees access health care services they may not be able to obtain in their state. Companies began to come out with policies on covering travel expenses for employees who need abortions in May, when a leaked memo from Supreme Court […]

Abortion rules won’t change in Alberta, health minister says | CTV News – CTV News Calgary

After a decision that has sent shockwaves throughout the world about a woman’s right to choose, Alberta’s Health Minister Jason Copping says there won’t be any change here despite what happens south of the border. Copping made the comment at the grand opening of a Lethbridge clinic, saying that while the federal government is in charge of human rights, funding […]

UC San Diego scientists report on the molecular impact of life indoors – News-Medical.Net

Within and upon every human being reside countless microorganisms -; the microbiota that help shape and direct the lives of their hosts. A similar phenomenon occurs between people, microbes and the homes they share. Writing in the June 24, 2022 issue of Science Advances, scientists at University of California San Diego School of Medicine and elsewhere report on the molecular […]

Biodegradable nanomaterials can take images and deliver medicine to combat peripheral arterial disease – News-Medical.Net

A University of Texas at Arlington bioengineer is leading a project that will develop biodegradable nanomaterials that will take pictures and deliver medicine to combat peripheral arterial disease (PAD). Kytai Nguyen, a UT Arlington bioengineering professor, is the principal investigator in the four-year, $2.1 million National Institutes of Health (NIH) grant. She’s collaborating with Jian Yang, a Penn State University […]

Arsenic in private well water associated with low birthweight babies – News-Medical.Net

In the largest epidemiologic study of arsenic and birth outcomes to date, researchers from the University of Illinois Chicago and collaborating institutions estimated arsenic levels in U.S. private well water sources by county and compared estimates to documented birth outcomes. They found an association between estimated groundwater arsenic concentration and risk of low birth weight. The findings, which are reported […]

Researchers report high rates of new TB infection among adolescents in Tanzania – News-Medical.Net

Published today in PLOS ONE, “Serial T-SPOT.TB responses in Tanzanian adolescents: transient, persistent and irregular conversions” [], investigators from the Geisel School of Medicine and Muhimibili University of Health and Allied Sciences (MUHAS) report high rates of new tuberculosis (TB) infection among adolescents in Tanzania. Multiple blood tests for TB infection were conducted over three years in 650 schoolchildren age […]

Is MSG really bad for health? Here’s why you needn’t avoid it like the plague – CNA

“Flavour enhancer” is another description of MSG in processed foods. Then there are naturally occurring glutamates in foods such as cheese, fruit juice, nuts and tomatoes. “They’re naturally very high in glutamate,” noted Ramesh. But is there a difference between consuming, say, glutamates in fresh foods such as tomatoes and industrially made MSG that is added to ketchup or tomato […]