5 new and innovative healthcare benefits to add to your plans – Employee Benefit News

Your employees’ health and wellness needs are ever-changing, and the best companies are staying ahead of the curve with benefits that address new asks.

Forty-four percent of employers added or expanded their health and wellness benefits in 2021, according to data from PwC. Employers are also planning for cost increases: Willis Towers Watson expects premiums to increase 4. 7% to 5. 2% in 2022. But those investments are a big selling point for potential employees, as 83% of employees say their benefits are a deciding factor in whether they will stay or leave a job .

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A standard healthcare plan is no longer enough for most employees — workers want advantages that are unique to them, and that deliver the care they actually need. Whether it’s helping them navigate a life challenge like a cancer diagnosis, or individualized support with regard to healthcare that doesn’t discriminate , there are a number of new and innovative offerings for employers to add to their plans. Here are a few that are standing out from the crowd.


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