Rice lab’s microbial community profiling software effectively identifies bacterial species – News-Medical.Net

Part of a gene is better than none when identifying a species of microbe. But for Rice University computer scientists, part was not nearly enough in their pursuit of a program to identify all the species in a microbiome. Emu, their microbial community profiling software, effectively identifies bacterial species by leveraging long DNA sequences that span the entire length of […]

MediSim VR launches India’s first VR Lab in Puducherry Institute of Medical Sciences – ETHealthWorld

Mumbai: MediSim VR, a Med-tech company working in the field of healthcare simulation, has set up India’s first fully automated Virtual Reality (VR) lab in the Puducherry Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) for MBBS students to enhance their key medical skills and train them for the future. This is in celebration of Doctors Day today and this announcement will pave […]

Insight into Implantable Medical Devices – News-Medical.Net

What are implantable medical devices?Common examples of implantable medical devicesLeading manufacturers of implantable medical deviceReferences Further reading  Implantable medical devices are introduced into the human body through surgery or other medical interventions to serve specific functions. The most common examples of implantable medical devices include artificial joints, breast implants, cochlear implants, intraocular lenses, pacemakers, other cardiac implants, and intrauterine contraceptive devices. […]

Surgical (subcutaneous) emphysema: Causes, treatment, and more – Medical News Today

Surgical emphysema is another term for subcutaneous emphysema. It occurs when air or gas enters the subcutaneous tissue, which is the deepest layer of the skin. People can develop surgical emphysema from injury and infection. Common signs of surgical emphysema are bloating and a crackling sound when applying pressure to the swelling. When a doctor treats the cause, surgical emphysema […]

C-peptide test: Ranges and purpose – Medical News Today

A C-peptide test is a measurement of C-peptide present in the blood or urine. When the pancreas produces and releases the hormone insulin, it creates C-peptide in roughly equal amounts. Therefore, this test can help measure insulin levels and differentiate between type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Diabetes is a health condition that affects how the body processes blood glucose, […]

Eye parasites: Types, treatment, and prevention – Medical News Today

Some parasites can infect humans. Once inside of a body, parasites can travel to different organs, including the eyes. Without treatment, these infections can lead to eye pain, vision problems, and in some cases, blindness. Parasites are organisms that live in, or on, another organism. The host organism provides the parasites with ideal living conditions and a source of nutrients. […]

Artificial intelligence techniques used to obtain antibiotic resistance patterns – Science Daily

The Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M) is conducting research that analyses antibiotic resistance patterns with the aim of finding trends that can help decide which treatment to apply to each type of patient and stop the spread of bacteria. This study, recently published in the scientific journal Nature Communications, has been carried out together with the University of Exeter, […]

5 new and innovative healthcare benefits to add to your plans – Employee Benefit News

Your employees’ health and wellness needs are ever-changing, and the best companies are staying ahead of the curve with benefits that address new asks. Forty-four percent of employers added or expanded their health and wellness benefits in 2021, according to data from PwC. Employers are also planning for cost increases: Willis Towers Watson expects premiums to increase 4. 7% to […]

Countries with the best mental health care – The CEO Magazine

As a string of new mental health disorders – digital dementia, cyberchondria and internet addiction disorder – are introduced into mainstream vocabulary, the idea that we can be globally connected via technology and be happy is brought into question. Sleep problems, difficulties focusing and social issues are within the top five side effects of technology people have reported. However, when […]

Researchers develop antiviral face mask that kills viruses – Medical News Today

Traditional face masks, including N95s and KN95s, offer protection against illness and infection but must be disposed of once they come in contact with viruses, thus generating significant plastic waste. Researchers have developed a simple method that would give N95 face masks antiviral and antibacterial properties, which could allow them to be worn for longer durations. The “quaternary ammonium polymer-coated” […]