What type of honey could help reduce cholesterol, blood sugar? – Medical News Today

Share on Pinterest Raw honey could help bring cholesterol levels down, according to a new study. Image credit: Roberta Sorge/EyeEm/Getty Images. A new study finds that honey, unlike other sweeteners, may actually be good for cardiometabolic health. The benefits of honey were revealed in studies of people who ate a heavy diet containing 10% or less sugar. The study suggests […]

No 10 hiring of healthcare lobbyist prompts privatisation concern – The Guardian

Simply no 10 employing of health care lobbyist encourages privatisation issue Exclusive: Adviser role for Bill Morgan also raises questions over potential conflict of interest Rishi Sunak has appointed a private healthcare lobbyist with links to a series of controversial clients to advise him in Downing Street, raising concerns over further privatisation within the NHS. Expenses Morgan, a founding partner […]

Types of Electrical Appliances

Various types of electrical appliances are made to help you in your daily life. Whether you need to turn on a light or turn off a stove, there are appliances that can do it for you. These are called smart appliances. Electricity can be converted into heat, light, and physical movement Using electrical energy, you can create light, heat, and […]

Can culinary medicine treat global obesity? What experts think – Medical News Today

Obesity is a risk factor for many health conditions. Current treatments include calorie restriction, bariatric surgery, and medications. But the number of people with obesity continues to increase. Many factors lead to weight gain, including the increased availability of calorie-dense foods. Medical News Today looked at whether culinary medication might be an effective treatment for obesity, and investigated what approaches […]

Honey improves key measures of cardiometabolic health, study finds – News-Medical. Net

Researchers at the University associated with Toronto have found that honey improves key measures of cardiometabolic health, including blood sugar and cholesterol levels -; especially if the particular honey is raw and from a single floral source. The researchers conducted a systematic review and meta-analysis of clinical trials on honey, plus found that will it lowered fasting blood glucose, total […]

Tomatoes linked to improved gut health, study finds – Medical News Today

Share on Pinterest In a recent study, tomato-fed pigs experienced greater diversity in their stomach microbiome, a signifier of stronger belly health. Carol Yepes/Getty Images A recent research observed the effects associated with tomato consumption on the gut microbiome in pigs. After 10 piglets were fed a diet of which 10% was freeze-dried tomato powder, their ratio of “good” to […]

After mothballing Amazon Care, Amazon . com reenters tele-health with Amazon Clinic, a marketplace for third-party virtual consultants – TechCrunch

The ink is not yet dry on Amazon’s $4 billion acquisition of OneMedical , but in the meantime, the particular online services giant is making one more move into telehealth, and into medical services overall, on its own steam. The company today is taking the wraps off associated with Amazon Clinic , which Amazon describes as a virtual health “storefront”: […]

Cultural competency in healthcare: Expert perspectives – Medical News Today

What is cultural competency, and how does it fit in with healthcare? A recent survey among physicians in the United States shows that cultural competency is a key issue both for healthcare practitioners and their patients, so what are the obstacles to efficient cross-cultural communication within a healthcare setting? Share on Pinterest Why is cultural proficiency so important in health […]