Heart health: Could a smartphone app become a remote stethoscope? – Medical News Today

Share on Pinterest Will we soon be able to use an app as an at-home stethoscope? Image credit: Sergey Narevskih/Stocksy. Researchers assessed the feasibility of using a smartphone’s inbuilt microphone to record heart sounds by investigating the particular quality associated with smartphone-recorded coronary heart sounds and the factors influencing the quality of the recordings. Overall, three out of four recordings […]

5 questions to ask before sharing health stories on social media – American Heart Association News

#@@#@!! (Urupong/iStock via Getty Images) When it comes to posting health information on social media, beware before you share. Experts say that’s an essential step in battling medical misinformation, an escalating problem as more people turn to social media for news, knowledge and advice about all things health-related. In the wake of rampant false information about COVID-19, the U. S. […]

Resilience may improve health among older adults with type 2 diabetes – Medical News Today

Psychological resilience involves people’s ability to recover and work through trauma or other challenging life events. Type 2 diabetes is a chronic condition that can lead to severe health problems. Recent data suggests psychological resilience may enhance health outcomes among older adults with type two diabetes. A​s the population ages, experts are working to understand factors that influence healthy aging […]

New star rating system aims to help make personal health decisions and guide future research – News-Medical. Net

A new set of meta-analyses clarifies the often complex and contradictory health guidance linking certain diets, behaviors, plus conditions to illness. The analyses, conducted by researchers from the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) at the University of Washington’s School associated with Medicine, were published today in Nature Medicine . IHME analyzed the strength of the evidence for 180 […]

The present and future role of nurses in the new digital health era – News-Medical. Net

In a recent review published in JMIR Nursing , researchers reviewed nursing practices and additional skills required to be mastered by nurses within the electronic health revolution, with the use of digital technologies exponentially increasing during the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic. Study: Digital Technologies and the Role associated with Health Care Professionals: Scoping Review Exploring Nurses’ Skills within the […]

A physician’s take on wearables – what role do they play in healthcare? – Healthcare IT News

#@@#@!! Wearables have become increasingly popular among consumers, with about #@@#@!! one in five Australians #@@#@!! sporting one on their wrists. The skyrocketing success of these gadgets suggests more people are taking an interest in managing their health and wellbeing, monitoring activity levels and other health metrics.   These days, wearables can collect a multitude of measurements, from the basic […]

Study links air pollution to higher risk of stroke and related death – Medical News Today

Share on Pinterest According to a long-term study, air pollution increases the risk of having the first stroke, additional strokes, and dying. Fairfax Media Archives/Getty Images A new study tracked the effect associated with smog on the danger of having a first plus subsequent heart stroke and of dying from resulting cardiovascular issues. Researchers monitored the health records of a […]