CBD coffee: Health benefits, best options, risks, and more – Medical News Today

Coffee containing cannabidiol (CBD) may offer some benefits, but research is inconclusive. Some people report experiencing more energy and fewer jitters than with a typical cup of coffee. The purported advantages come from caffeine, CBD, and the antioxidants and other chemicals in espresso. Several recent studies suggest that coffee, coffee , or a combination offer health benefits, especially with moderate […]

Health Misinformation Is A Pandemic, and Social Media Is Desperately Trying To Navigate it – Forbes

Easy access to information and the internet has created a significant impact in society. From increasing overall cultural and news literacy to empowering people to stay connected, the rapid information age has certainly transformed how society communicates. However, with it, has come certain challenges—and the particular spread of misinformation is central among these challenges. The fear of misinformation was expressly […]

The biggest health insurance mysteries, and how to decode them – CNN

Editor’s Note: Sign up for CNN’s Stress, But Less newsletter. Our six-part mindfulness guide will inform and inspire you to reduce stress while learning how to harness it. CNN   —  Whether you’re getting kicked off your parent’s health insurance coverage plan or have been doing open enrollment for years, navigating health insurance jargon can be daunting. Information about a […]

YouTube expands credible health information labels to providers – Mobihealth News

YouTube is expanding product features that aim to provide information and context about credible health sources to include videos made by licensed healthcare professionals. The wellness source info panels, which were first introduced in the U. S. last year, label health content from authoritative sources like educational institutions, public health departments, hospitals plus government entities. These videos are pulled into […]

Cardiovascular health: Clues on why adults’ hearts don’t regenerate – Medical News Today

While skin, bone, and other tissues in the human body can repair themselves after injury, the heart lacks this ability. Using a mouse model, researchers from the University of Pittsburgh Healthcare Centre investigated how heart cells communicate, involving cellular signals. They found that the number associated with communication pathways decreases as heart cells mature within mice. This process may have […]

Growing brain cells in the lab: Clinical and ethical implications – Medical News Today

Organoids — tissue cultures that roughly replicate the particular functions of an organ — allow researchers to observe how tissues behave in tissues within vitro, in the lab. This is particularly helpful when it comes to investigating the brain and the conditions that affect this. But what are some associated with the honest challenges? Share on Pinterest Design by MNT; […]

Gene therapy can make a real impact on global health but we need equitable access, say experts – World Economic Forum

The development of new gene therapies designed to treat or cure a range of diseases is rising exponentially. Access remains an issue, especially in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) where disease burden will be highest. Five clinical specialists across LMICs explain what steps need to be taken in order to realize the potential associated with gene treatments globally. Low- and […]

Top 5 Web Design Firms in the GTA

iExperto iExperto, previously Expert Solutions, specializes in custom website design, eCommerce solutions, and User Interface Design. They also provide mobile website design and a responsive user experience. In addition, they can provide a robust Learning Management System. With extensive knowledge in User Experience and design, iExperto understands how to make websites work for both business and individuals. As the face […]