Current list as of February 2010. The list is alphabetized by subjects so that the members will be able to find various topics that they may want to research. The majority of the actual collection has been assigned Dewey Decimal numbers like the Toledo Lucas County Public Library uses. The book collection will be filed by these numbers also. I hope our members will enjoy using our updated genealogy library.

Marlene Hardman
Library Coordinator


Pat Anaszewicz












92 - John Paul II: The Pope From Poland; c1979


92J65116 Joh - John Paul II: A Pictorial Biography
by Peter Hebblethwaite & Ludwig Kaufmann


92Pol - Casimir Pulaski “Father of the American Cavalry
(Activity book for Junior High School Students)
The Polish Museum of America



Census Records


R929.3771 Heritage Quest – Ohio 1900 – 1930 (set of 23 CDS)


R929.3771Ind WdCo - Indexes to 1850 U.S. Census; Wood County, Ohio (includes heads of households and all other surnames); compiled and published by Wood
Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society, January 2001 (Reference)


R929.3771 - 1890 Union Veterans Special Census (Lucas County, Ohio) Ohio Family Roots. c2008 (CD’s)


R929.373 - 1880 United States Census and National Index (CD)
by Family Search



Cleveland Research


The Cleveland Press (Bound editions Oct. 16-30, 1971) (Reference)





641.5 - Polish Pride – TPGS (4 copies)


641.5 - Polish Christmas Eve Supper and Christmas Day Dinner Menus and Recipes (Author unknown)


641.5 -Wspolczesnu Zuchnia Pomowa - Polish Cookbook


641.5943Lem - Old Polish Traditions; In the Kitchen at the Table
by Marie Lemnis & Henryk Vitry c2001


641.5Spo - Marynowanie Owocow, Jarzyn I Pikli

(Pickling Fruits and Vegetables) (Pickles the Newest Way)

(written in Polish) by Zebrala Marjo O. Krysza


Woman's Day Encyclopedia of Cookery Vol. 9, New July 2011



Death Records, Birth Records, Obituaries

R929.3771Ful - Fulton County, Ohio Death Records Book #1, 1868-1886 (CD) Book #2, 1884-1902(CD)
(All transcriptions are a “best attempt” at reading the book)
Fulton County Ohio Genealogical Society

R929.3771Hol - Index to the Obituaries and Death Notices appearing in the Dziennik Chicagoski (All Copies Reference)
Thomas L. Hollowak & William F. Hoffman
1900-1909 1910-1919 1920-1929 (Part I A-L)
1920-1929 (Part II M-Z)


R929.3771Pro - Probate Death Records – Wood County, Ohio Volume I, 1867-1887; November 1995; Wood County Chapter
Ohio Genealogical Society (Reference)

R929.3771Van - Death & Burial Notices – Wood County, Ohio 1982-1997; November 2002 By Glenn Van Wormer (Reference Copy)





433 - German-English Dictionary


R473.2Smi - Chambers Murray Latin-English Dictionary by Sir William Smith & Sir John Lockwood


R491.73 - Russian-English, English-Russian Dictionary


491.85Sta - The Great English Polish Dictionary-Wielki Stownik-Jan Stanislawski Vol #1 A-N


491.85Sta - The Great English Polish Dictionary-Angielsko Polski-Jan Stanislawski Vol #2 O-Z


491.853BER - Berlitz Polish Pocket Dictionary, New July, 2011


491.8532Sta -English-Polish /Polish-English Dictionary by J. Stanislawski


491.8532Pog - Polish-English /English-Polish Dictionary With Complete Phonetics by Iwo Cyprian Pogonowski


R491.8532Pog - Hippocrene Unabridged Dictionary Polish-English, Volumes 1, 2, 3 by Iwo C. Pogonowski



Directories – Toledo City & Suburban

Toledo City Directory 1893
Toledo City Directory 1928
Toledo City Directory 1946
Toledo City Directory 1954
Toledo Suburban Directory 1957
Toledo City Directory 1959
Toledo City Directory 1962
Toledo Suburban Directory 1963

Toledo City Directory 1971

Toledo Suburban Directory 1971
Toledo City Directory 1972

Toledo Suburban Directory 1989
Toledo Suburban Directory 1990
Toledo Suburban Directory 1998-99
Toledo City Directory 2000
Toledo Suburban Directory 2001
Toledo City Directory 2001
Toledo City Directory 2003
Toledo Suburban Directory 2003
Toledo City Directory 2004
Toledo Suburban Directory 2004

Toledo Ohio Polk Directory 2009

Maumee City Directory 1929

Maumee City Directory 1937

Maumee City Directory 1956



Fairy Tales, Customs, Folklore


392.5089Kna - Polish Wedding Customs & Traditions

by Sophie HodorowiczKnab


398Kon - O Krasnoludkachi O Sierotce Marysi (The Dwarfs and Orphan Mary) by Maria Konopnicka c. (written in Polish)


398Mil - Folksy Fables by Harry Milostan


398.2Hav - Favorite Fairy Tales Told in Poland (3 copies)
by Virginia Haviland c1963


398.0943 - Polish Christmas Eve Traditions with Parallels in the Slovak and Lithuanian Traditions (Author unknown)


398.0943Kna - Polish Customs, Traditions and Folklore


398.9918Asa - Polish Proverbs Collected by Joanne Asala
and Alice Wadowski-Bak c1995



Family Histories


929. Gam - Family History of Martin & Catherine Tarczykowski. The Story of an Immigrant Polish Family and their descendants, by Pauline Gambill


929.2Ban - The Banasiak Family 1846-2000
by Ralph J. Banasiak; December 2000


929.2Ban - The Banasiak Family, Wedding Edition
by Ralph J. Banasiak; December 2001


929.2Mik - Six Years ‘til Spring: A Polish Family’s Odyssey
by Teresa Mikosz-Hintzke
(Includes the following families: Mikosz, Reysowski, Miller, Wityk, Slawinski, Diedzinska, Zwierzchowska, Marchlewska,
Muslewski, Prange, Stankiewicz, Gapinska, Sobocinski


929.2Paw - The Pawlwczak Family 1835-2001
by Ralph J. Banasiak; April 2001


929.2Rob - The Rabideau Genealogy
by Clyde M. Rabideau; 2000


929.2Ros - Interviews with my mother Frances (Borkowski) Kikolski Fox by Donna Jeanne (Kikolski) Rostetter


929.2Ros - Polish Traditions in My Family: Assimilation at Work by Donna J. Rostetter (Includes the following names: Pryba, Czaja, Borkowski, Kowalewski, Kikolski, Rostetter, Bartczak, Trumball, Jankowski, Ort, Mendel)





The Cats In Krasinski Square (Picture book about two Jewish sisters in Warsaw) by Karen Hesse c2004


Against A Crimson Sky by James Conroyd Martin


Push Not the River (18th Century romantic novel set in
Poland) by James Conroyd Martin c2003


Poland by James A. Mitchner (2 copies)


Sins of the Fathers-Susan Sprinkler


Daughter of Deceit-Susan Sprinkler


Death on the Family Tree-Susan Sprinkler


Genealogy Books


929Eve - Genealogical Helper – Sept/Oct 2005
by Everton


929Eve - Genealogical Helper - May/April 2007
by Everton


929Hel - Tracing Your Ancestry: Step-by-Step Guide by F. Wilbur Helmbold


929Iwa - A Thousand Years of Polish Heritage
by Halina Iwanicka


929Kon - Polish Family Research by J. Konrad


929LEN - Genealogical Gazetteer of Galacia, New June, 2011


R929M - Millennium Conference Syllabus - July 2000 (reference)


929Mac - Polish-American Book to Color (including family tree)
by Catherine Macaro c 1978


R929Nat - Military Service Records at the National Archives 2007
National Archives and Records Administration; Washington, DC
Paper 109 (Reference)


R929Nat - Using Civilian Records for Genealogical Research in the
National Archives 2006. National Archives and Records
Administration; Washington, DC Paper 110(Reference)


929Ohi - Ohio Genealogical Society Annual Conference Syllabus - April 22-24, 2010


929Our - Our Polish Story: Family, Faith, & Fortitude: Detroits Polish Heritage(DVD)

929Til - How to Find Almost Anyone Anywhere
by Norma Mott Tillman


929Wat - Records of World War I & World War II
by Marjory Waterfield


929.1Fam - Guide to Finding Your Ellis Island Ancestors
by Family Tree


929.1Fam - Family Tree Guide Book to Europe (Tracing Genealogy)


929.1Fam - Family Tree Guide Book: Tracing Your Genealogy in
North America


929.1Har - Ancestry’s Concise Genealogical Dictionary
compiled by Maurine & Glen Harris


929.1StD - Protect Your Precious Documents by Louse St. Denis


929.1Stu - Organizing and Preserving Your Heirloom Documents
by Katherine Scott Sturdevant


929.1Wil - Ancestors: A Beginners Guide to Family History and
Genealogy by Jim & Terry Willard with Jane Wilson


q929.1Nra - Guide to Genealogical Research in the National Archives. Published for the National Archive & Research Service by the National Archive Tust Fund Board


R929.1Arn - Kinship-It's all Relative-2nd Edition-Jacki Smith Arnold


929.1024Gna - Polish and Proud: Tracing Your Polish Ancestry
by Jan & Len Gnacinski


929.1028Fam - Your Ultimate Guide to Genealogy Online by Family Tree


929.1028How - Planting Your Family Tree Online by Cyndi Howells


929.1028Lyn - Google Your Family Tree: Unlock the Hidden Power of Google by Daniel M. Lynch


929.1072Ame - How to Trace Your Family Tree
by American Genealogical Research Institute Staff


929.1072Bro - A Guide to the State Archives of Michigan: State
Records by Valerie Gerrard Browne & David Johnson


929.1072Cro - Genealogists Companion and Source Book

by Emily Croom


929.1072Cro - Genealogy Online w/disk by Elizabeth Powell Crowe


929.1072Cho - Polish Roots by Rosemary Chorzempa


929.1072Col - They Came in Ships by Johyn Colletta, Ph.D


929.1072Jen - Sto Lat: A Modern Guide to Polish Genealogy by Cecile Wendt Jensen


929.1072New - American Naturalization Records 1790 –1990: What They Are and How to Use Them by John J. Newman


R929.1072CRO - Unpuzzling Your Past Workbook, New June, 2011


R929.1072Red - Red Book: American State, County, & Town Sources
(Alice Eichholz) (Reference copy)


929.1072Ros - Courthouse Research for Family Historians by Christine Rose


929.1072Shea - In Their Words: A Genealogist's Translation Guide to Polish, German, Latin, and Russian Documents. Volume I:Polish by Jonathan D. Shea & William F. Hoffman


929.3Mul - Roman Catholic Parishes in the Polish People’s Republic in 1984. Polish Genealogy Society of America by Lidia Mullerowa


929.3771Luc - Lucas County Catholic Church Records Inventory


qR929.3771 - Lucas County, Ohio church records inventory. Published by the Lucas county chapter of OGS


929.4209Hof - Polish Surnames – Origins and Meanings
by William Hoffman


929.5097Mou - Mount Carmel Cemetery Index, 1845 to present


929.6Pec - Collection of Articles on Polish Heraldry
by Edward A. Peckwas 1978


977.113Phi - Images of America: Toledo's Polonia by Rev. Richard Philiposki with the Toledo Polish Genealogical Society


Polish/Latin Genealogy Terms, Maps, Websites, etc. (Binder located at internet station) For Reference Only-On permanent loan from M. Hardman



Genealogy – Irish


941.508Met - The American Irish – From Oppression to Freedom
by Seamus P. Metress, Ph.D


941.508Met - The Great Starvation – An Irish Holocaust 1845-1852
by Seamus P. Metress and Richard A. Rajner


941.5081Bar - The Red Mesiah (in Polish) by Stefan Barszczewski


941.5081Gal - Paddy’s Lament (Story about the Irish Famine)
by Thomas Gallagher



General History of Europe


940Pet - (Binder) Into Auschwitz for Ukraine by Stefan Petelycky

Donated by Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur October 16, 2010


940Tum - (Binder) W Sluzbie dla Ojczyzny Kobieta-Zolnierz 2 Korpusu 1941-1946. Donated by Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur October 16, 2010


940Woj - Handout (Binder)-Five Days of Holocaust: Terror, Violation, Sadism and Treacherous Nazi Hatred from my 1962 Days and Nights by Wladislava Poniecka Wojciechowska-Plus-Handout-The Martyrology of Poles in Hitler's Death Camps-Lecture by Marian Wojciechowski - Both donated by Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur on Saturday Oct. 16, 2010=1 binder


R940.4124Hal - Haller’s Polish Army in France (3 copies) (Reference)
by Paul S. Valasek


940.48Bol - Way of the Lancer-Richard Boleslavski


940.5318Las - Rutka’s Notebook: A Voice From the Holocaust
by Zahava (Laskier) Scherz


940.5337Luk - Forgotten Holocaust: The Poles under German Occupation 1939 - 1944


940.5337Zaw - Seven Roads to Freedom (Book about Memoirs of Polish World War II veterans in German Concentration Camps) edited by Miroslawa Zawadzka and Andrzej Zawadski


940.5405Zaw - Death in the Forest: The Story of the Katyn Forest
Massacre by J.K. Zawodny c1962


940.5412Ols - A Question of Honor: The Kosciuszko Squadron:
Forgotten Heroes of WWII by Lynne Olson & Stanley Cloud 7


943.8 - An Illustrated History of Poland


943.8 - Poland is My Home


943.8Bor - Poznan by Pogdana Borowiaka &

Stanislaw Ossowskiego c1988


943.8Pio - Poland’s Holocaust: Ethnic Strife, Collaboration with Occupying Forces and Genocide in the Second Republic, 1918-1947
By Tadeusz Piotrowski


947Dmy - Imperial Russia: A Source Book, 1700-1917,

2nd edition, Editor, Basil Dmytryshyn


977.533Anu - Supplement to East Prussians from Russia-Michael J. Anuta



General History of North America – United States


973Pol - Polish Settlers in Chicago
The Polish Museum of America (2 copies)
(from the March 2009 visit)


973.04Ren - The Poles in America 1608-1972 compiled & edited by Frank Renkiewicz


973.0491Dol - The Immigration Experience: The Polish Americans
by Sean Dolan, c1997


973.0491Mos - Tracing Our Polish Roots (2 copies)
by Sharon Moscinski


974.71Ree - Ellis Island – Gateway to the American
Dream by Pamela Reeves


976.4004Bak - The First Polish Americans: Silesian Settlements in
Texas by T. Lindsay Baker c1979


977.1Ste - Ohio, Adventures in Time & Place
by Dr. J. Mark Stewart c1997



General History of Toledo & Lucas County


q027.4977 Por - In their own words


q791-068Hay - Remembering Toledo's Amusement Parks-John M.W. Hayek & Ellen Covode Kuck


R977 - Toledo Historical Calendar


977Hal - The Primary Functions of Toledo,Ohio (Doctoral
Dissertation) by Albert George Hallert c1947


977 Mic - East Side Story                  


977Sam - Life in Kuschwantz-by TPGS member William Samiec

A Toledo Polish Ethnic Enclave


R 977.112Fam - Toledo & Lucas County; Ohio 1623 - 1923 Vol. 1
Toledo & Lucas County; Ohio 1623 - 1923 Vol. 2
Toledo & Lucas County; Ohio 1623 -1923 Vol. 3
(Family Legacy) CDS (Reference)


R977.112Wag - History of the City of Toledo, Ohio & Lucas County
by Clark Waggoner c1888 (CD Reference)


977.113Hun - Hungarian American Toledo: Life and Times in Toledo’s Birmingham Neighborhood by Thomas E. Barden
& John Ahern



Geography & Travel


910 - Index of German-Polish and Polish German Names of
Localities in Poland and Russia


910 - Krakow


910 -Map of Poland


910 - Polska (Invitation zaproszenie) – Wielkopolska Region (DVD)


910 - Polska nowiny (A Map of Poland) (skala)(scale) CD
(For in Library use ONLY)


910 - Map of Poznan


910 - Map of Torun (2 copies)


910 - Map of Warszawa


910 - Map of Krakow


910Mac - Poland – A Book to Color, complete with notes
by Catherine Macaro C1977


911 Buk - The Penquin Atlas World History vol 1


911 Kin - The Penquin Atlas World History vol 2


911.438Pog - Poland: A Historical Atlas by Iwo Cyprian Pogonowski

912 - Atlas of the World


R912.7711Met - 2004-2005-Graphic Street Guide of Greater Toledo


914 - Poland Travel Guide – Castles, Music, Lakes and Parks


914 - Krakow in your Pocket - April-May 2009


914Dyd - Poland – A Lonely Planet Travel Survival Kit
by Krzysztof Dydynski


914.1 - Fodor's Poland-1st Edition


914.3803ZIE - Poland, New July, 2011


914.3804Sal - Poland – The Rough Guide
by Mark Salter & Gordon McLachlan, c1996


917.7104Wri - Ohio Handbook by David K. Wright


940 - Millenium Poloniae Christianae, New June, 2011


947.00 - Polish Heritage Travel Guide

by Jacek Glalzka & Albert Jaszczak



Histories (written in Polish)


4.1 Tredowata; powiesc (The Outcast) By Helena Mniszek


4.2 Bismarck A. Polska By Jozef Feldman


4.3 Jozef Pilsudski 1867-1914


4.4 Szkice Historyczne – Jedenastego Wieku (Historical Sketches of

the Eleventh Century) by Tadeus Czekanowski


4.5 Polska Slowianszczyzna-Perspektywa Antropologiczne (Polish
Slavic Anthropological Perspective By Jan Czekanowski


891.85CHR Historja Literatury Niepodleglej Polski

(literary History of independant Poland), New July, 2011






407 - Translation Packet – Letter Writing Guide, Sample
Letters, Languages


491Par - A Practical Polish Grammar (and reading exercises)
by Marie Paryski c1938


491.8524Bis - Mowimy po Polska – A Beginner’s Course of Polish
by W. Bisko and S. Karolck


491.8524Gra - Z polskim na co dzien – An Intermediate Polish Course for English Speakers by Maria Grala and Wanda Przywarska


491.8582Swa - First Year Polish by Oscar E. Swan



Magazines (various issues)


Ancestry Magazine

Bend of the River (few issues)

Family Chronicle

Family History
Family Tree
Heritage Quest
Internet Genealogy



Magazines – Polish (Illustrated) – Bound Volumes (Reference)


LaPologne (1964 – 1968)
Nasza Ojczyzna (1961 – 1968)
Poland (1964 – 1965 – 1966)
Revue (1951 – 1952 – 1953)


Marriage Records (Generated by the TPGS) (Reference)


St. Adalbert Marriage Records May 11, 1908 – October 1919

St. Anthony Catholic Church Index to Marriage Records, Volume 1, 1882 - 1908
St. Hedwig Church Marriages - Index only 1922 – 1952
St. Hedwig Church Marriage Records 1922 – 1952
St. Hedwig Church Marriages Transcribed – Index 1922 – 1952



Michigan Records


The Eaglet (1987-2007) – Newsletter by The Polish Genealogical Society of Michigan


255 - Pamietnik Siostr Felicjanek (100th Jubilee) 1874-1974 (Felician Sister’s 100th Jubilee in Detroit, Michigan) 1974 (in Polish)


R929.1072Bro - Guide to the State Archives of Michigan: State Records; Michigan Department of State; Editor: Timothy Walters. Michigan History Division, Department of State; by Valerie Gerrard Browne & David Jerome Johnson; 1977





323.623New - American Naturalization Processing and Procedures 1790-1985 by John J. Newman


R929.1072New - American Naturalization Records 1790-1990: What They Are and How to Use Them By John J. Newman

(See Genealogy Section)



Newsletters & Bulletins


“Bulletin” (Quarterly Publication of the Polish Genealogical Society of California) December 2009, Vol. 21, No. 5.


“Bulletin” (Quarterly Publication of the Polish Genealogical Society of California) January 2009, July 2009, October 2009.


“Our Polish Ancestors” (Quarterly Publication of The Polish Genealogical Society of Greater Cleveland) January 2008, July/Sept 2009.


“Our Polish Ancestors” (Quarterly Publication of The Polish Genealogical Society of Greater Cleveland) Oct/Dec 2009, Vol. 18, No. 4.


Rodziny (2000 – 2009) by the Polish Genealogy Society of America)





Catholic Chronicle (news regarding churches in Toledo and

surrounding areas) (various editions)


Kuryer Katolicki [Catholic Courier] (the only 16 page Polish Catholic Newspaper in Ohio) (no discernible date) laminated, see Oversize section


Lagrange Street News (monthly newspaper highlighting business and neighborhood news in North Toledo, Ohio) Misc. editions


Narod Polski (PRCUA)


Polish American Journal (various copies)


Polish American World (various copies)


Polka Times (various copies)


Post Eagle (Independent weekly newspaper from New Jersey (February 25, 2009 - )


Shoppers Herald (1937 – 1938, 1940, 1962-1963, 1966 – 1977, 1970, 1972, 1987


Toledo News-Bee (cutout and laminated article dated 1938 –July 2t (Monday) re: “The News-Bee Goes to a Summer Festival With Members of St. Adalbert’s Parish” Oversize


Toledo News-Bee(page laminated article dated 1938 May 2 (Monday) re: “The News-Bee Goes to an Ordination “ Oversize


Zgoda (PNA)



Newspapers – Polish – Bound Volumes (REFERENCE)


Dziennik Polski (1962 – 1968)



Parish Histories, Records, Misc.


R270Hol - 100th Anniversary of Holy Trinity Polish Mission in Chicago, IL (in Polish)


R270Nat - Nativity Parish, Toledo,Ohio - Golden Jubilee 1922 to 1972 (4 circulating copies) (1 Reference)


R270StA - St. Adalbert’s Church History


R270StA - St. Adalbert’s Parish Golden Jubilee 1907-1957
(various circulating copies) (1 Reference)


R270StA - St. Adalbert’s Parish 75th Jubilee 1907-1982 (Reference)


R270StA - St. Adalbert’s 100th Anniversary 1907 – 2007 (Reference)


R270StAn - St. Anthony’s Parish, 1938 Pamietnik Wyniesienia do Godnoci Pratla (in Polish) (Reference)


R270Pro - Program IV –go ZJADZDU; Okregu IZ-go; Stow. Wet. Armii Polskiej; (1938 – May 28-29) (Reference)


R270StH - St. Hedwig Church Building Centennial 1982 - 1991
Calendar – Illustrated (2 copies)


R270StH - St. Hedwig; Bicentennial of the 1791 Polish Constitution & the Centennial of the St. Hedwig Parish Church Building; Friday, May 3, 1991 (Event Program) (3 copies)


R270StH - The First Hundred Years (1875-1975; A History of St.Hedwig Parish; by the St. Hedwig Parish Centennial Anniversary Committee (Reference)


R270StH - Thanks for the Memories…The New St. Hedwig School, 225 Dexter Street, Toledo, Ohio (1904-2004)
Gerald A. Mazuchowski, S.F.O. 1965 (Reference)


R270StH - St. Hedwig Church – Transcribed Records 1922 – 1952 by TPGS


R270StH - St. Hedwig School – Original Kindergarten Class Roster 1935 – 1982 by TPGS


R270StHy - St. Hyacinth Celebrates the Dedication of Its New Church Building; May 29, 1960


R270StJ - St. John the Baptist Catholic Church, Toledo, Ohio 2004


St. Vincent de Paul 55 plus - 30th Anniversary





Photo Albums and Photos (Reference)


Pictures from St. Hedwig and St. Adalbert Schools
Vol. 1 Yearly Class Photos 1966/67 to 1973/74
Vol. 2 Yearly Class Photos 1974/75 to 1984/85
Vol. 3 Yearly Class Photos 1985/86 to 2004/05
Vol. 4 8th Grade Graduating Classes (2005 – 1917)
Vol. 5 Kindergarten Classes (1974 - )
1st Communion Classes (2005 - )
Vol. 6-A Misc. Classroom Photos (1953 - )
Vol. 6-B Misc. Classroom Photos (1953 - )
Vol. 7 Holidays (Student Photos) (1954 - )
Vol. 8 Sports and Cheerleading
Vol. 9 Teachers/ Staff/ Nuns/ Priests/ Religious Events
Vol. 10 Misc. Photos and Artifacts
Vol. 11 School Events (assorted scanned copies)


St. Adalbert’s Photos (1917 – 1958)
8th Grade Graduation
Photos 1953 – 1985


St. Hedwig School Original Kindergarten Class Photos 1935 – 1989 by TPGS


Toledo Polish Genealogy Society Photo Albums





891.85 - The History of Polish Literature-Czeslaw Milosz


891.85Ada - Wiersze Wychodzcy (Lines of Immigrants) by Franciszek Adamski 1952


891.85Joh - Easter Vigil and Other Poems by Karol Wojtyla

(Pope John Paul II 1920) translated by Jerzy Peterkiewicz


891.8587Mil - Unattainable Earth by Czeslaw Milosz



Polish Culture


943 - Article – Dyngus Day


943.8Fur - The Countries, Poland by Kate A. Furlong
(2 copies)


943.8Har - Kultura Polski (Polish Culture)
by Hartleb-Bardach-Bielak


943.8Hea - Poland – Cultures of the World by Jay Heale


943.8McC - A Ticket to Poland by Sean McCollum c1999


943.8McC - Poland by Sean McCollum c1999


943.8Mul - Welcome to My Country; Welcome to Poland
by Umaima Mulla-Feroze/Paul Grajnert c2003


943.8Pol - Poland; Illustrated Magazine (bound) No. 1 (77) January 1961 through No. 12 (88), December 1961
Polonia Publishing House; American Edition


943.8Smo - Christmas Eve Wigilia: A Polish-American Tradition
by Joseph Smolka


943.8Stu - It’s Happiness, a Polka Documentary (DVD Movie)
Stun Productions, 2008


Polish Museum of America (Chicago)


24.1 - Treasures of the “Jewel of Polonia” – The Polish Museum of America; The Polish Museum of America Information Guide c2006

(2 copies)


24.2 - Muzeum Polskie w Ameryce; Dzieje I Zbiory Przewodnik; The Polish Museum of America – History and Collections Guide; Warzawa (Warsaw) 2003; Series “B” Volume 2


24.3 - The PRCUA, “Polish Roman Catholic Union of America” Informational Brochure (2 copies)


24.4 - The “Polish Museum of America Newsletter; March 2009


24.5 - The “Polish Museum of America” Background information handout (from the March 2009 visit)



Polish Music


780 - Polish Sheet Music and Songs


780 - Christmas Carols from Treasured Polish Songs with English Translations


784 - Folk Music from Poland (45 record)


784 - St. Hyacinth Parish Polish Selections Ladies Choir
(LP Record)


784 - Polka Party – 25 Great Hits


784 - From Town to Town with Alvin Styczynski


784 - Poland European Tour with Eddie Blazonczyk’s Versatones


784 - Pollish Christmas Carols


784 - Polskie Echia by Boleslaw Novak(Polish record)


784 - Set of 12 Records – Polish Music


784 - Jimmy Sturr and His Orchestra - Come Share the Wine


784.49438 -Treasured Polish Folk Rhymes, Songs & Games (translated in English from Koszalki Opalki by the Polanie
Editorial Staff; 1976



Polish Organizations

061 - The Aleksander Fredro Literary and Singing Society by Michael Drabik



Political Science


322.2094Fra - Poland: Workers in Revolt by Dave Frankel,

DeAnn Rathbun & Ernest Harsch




200 - Our Lady of Czestochowa (VHS)


200 - Pan z Wami (Lord Be With You) Polish Missalette
and Prayer Book; Vol 25, #6 From Aug 20 – Dec.2, 1995


200 - Villa Saint Felix; Presentation of The Blessed Virgin Mary Convent (Memoir) Felician Sisters O.S.F., Detroit, Michigan


200 - Zarys Historji Kosciola Katolickiego; Dla Szkol Parafialnych w Stanach Zjednoczonych (Outline of the History of the Catholic Church - Parochial Schools in the United States) C1933 (In Polish)


200 - Zbiorek Modlitw (A 1912 Collection of Prayers) dla Czlonkow Apostolstwa Modlitwy I Czcicieli; Sera Jezusowego


200Cat - Christian Prayer
Catholic Book Publishing c1976


200Cra - The Catholic Family Book of Novenas
John J. Crawley & Co; c1956


200Dob - Meetings With The Madonna

by Jan Dobraczynski; Translated from the Polish by
Piotr Goc; First Edition c1979


200Las - My Prayer-Book by Rev. J. R. Lasance, c1950


200OCo - The Catholic Missal
Catholic Press; edited by Rev. Lohn P. O’Connel, M.A.
S.T.D. & Jex Martin, M.A.


200OCo - The Life of Christ
by Rev. John P. O’Connell, M.A., S.T.D. & Jex
Martin, M.A. c1954


200Oco - The Prayer Book
by Rev. John P. O’Connell M.A., S.T.D. & Jex
Martin, M.A. c1954


220.5204Bib - The Holy Bible (New American Catholic Edition)
Benzinger Brothers, Inc. c1952


242Kem - The Imitation of Christ by Thomas A. Kempis


263.0424Pas - The Shrine of the Black Madonna at Czestochowa
by Janusz S. Pasierb


266Dvo - Byzantine Missions Among the Slavs: Ss. Constantine-
Cyril and Methodius by Francis Dvornik


282 - Pastoral Visit; John Paul II
Archdiocese of Detroit; Sept. 18-19, 1987


282Bie - The Stories Behind the Stained Glass Windows in The
National Shrine of Our Lady of Czestochowa
By Steven Bielicki c1970


Q282.0977Joh - Pastoral Visit John Paul 2nd Archdiocese of Detroit Sept. 18-19, 1987




TPGS Library Collection Booklet (this document) (Reference Copy)


Surnames (TPGS Members and the names that they are researching with contact Information)


Immigrant Ancestor Database, c2007, Russell Pawlowski


“Our First Immigrant Ancestors Database”, c2006, Russell Pawlowski


Member’s Pedigree Charts & Self History Documents “Preserving Our Polish Ancestry for Future Generations


Member’s Scrapbook, “Memories to Last a Lifetime”, c2005 by various TPGS members





St. Hedwig Grade School


13.1 - 1969 – 1970
13.2 - 1972 – 1973
13.3 - 1980 – 1981
13.4 - 1982 – 1983
13.5 - 1989 - 1990
13.6 - 1991
13.7 - 1991-1992
13.8 - 1993
13.9 - 1993 – 1994
13.10 - 1995 – 1996
13.11 - 1996 – 1997
13.12 - 1997 – 1998
13.13 - 1998 – 1999
13.14 - 1999 – 2000
13.15 - 2000 – 2001
13.16 - 2001 – 2002
13.17 - 2002 – 2003
13.18 - 2004 – 2005



Central Catholic High School



1945 25th Centripetal





2002 Alumni Directory



DeVilbiss High School Pot of Gold







Libbey High School Edelian
















Mary Manse College







Notre Dame Academy High School





Scott High School Scottonian






St. Ursula Academy












Woodward High School Saga Tattler






Woodward Technical







Books written in Polish – various topics

Muzyka Pana Chopina (Mr. Choppin’s Music)
By Wanda Chotomska


Polsku A Prusy I Braden Bungie (Polish Prussia and Braden)

by Wladyslaw Czaplinski


Polska A Baltyk (Poland and the Baltic) by Wladyslaw Czaplinski


Miesiecznik Franciszkanski (1964,1966,1967,1968)


Polska Niemcy (Poland Germany) by Zygmunt Wojciochowski


Zygmunt Stary by Zygmunt Wojciochowski


Polska Czechy (Poland Czech Republic)

by Tadeusz Lehr-Spalawinski


Jan Kochanowski by Stanislaw Windakiewicz


Stanislaw Leszczynski by Jozef Feldman


Zasasow Tom 1-2 (Zasasow Volumes 1 – 2)

by Jozef Ignacy Kraszewski


Maslaw by Jozef Ignacy Kraszewski


Krakow Za Loktka by Jozef Ignacy Kraszewski


Saskie Ostatki (Saxon remnants) by Jozef Ignacy Kraszewski


Krolewscy Synowie (The King’s sons) by Jozef Ignacy Kraszewski


Ale Serce Boli (But the Heart Hurts) by Slawomir Lindner

(Polish Army)


Pierwsza Ksiazka do Czytania Dla Szkol Ludowych w /Ameryce

(The first book to read for school folk in America)


Moja Pierwsza Ksiazeczka (My first book) a childrens book


Dzieje Towarzystwa Chrystusowego Dla Wychodzcow 1939 – 1948 (History of the Society of Christ for the Exiles 1939 – 1948)
By Bernard Kolodziej Tchr


Podreczny Lekarz Domowy (Handy Family Doctor)

A Physician’s Home Manual


Polacy na Trojcowie (2 copies)
By Genowefa Potaczala


Klejnoty Jasnej Gory
By Jan Samek & Janusz Zbudniewek


Poznan Lat 1919 – 1939 (w Rysunku I Grafice) (Lithigraphs of the city of Poznan) (Reference)


Skarby Jasnej Gjory; Janusz St. Pasierb
By Jan Samek


Karolina: a very ordinary girl’s life by Jadwiga I Zbigniew Martykowie (2 copies)


R891.851 - Pan Tadeusz "The Last Foray in Lithuania: A History of the Nobility in the Years 1811 and 1812 in Twelve Books of Verse by Adam Mickiewicz. Epic Poem of European Liturature. Written in 1834.





Assorted Business Cards (by name and by business)


Poland (Calendar) 2005 with pictures


ORBIT, Nasa Astronauts Photograph the Earth


Home Disaster Plan


Yakobian Criss Cross Directory dated 1959 (Lists persons by street and phone exchange)


623.8225Gre - Jane’s Warsaw Pact Merchant Ships Recognition Handbook compiled by David Greenman and Lt-Cdr E C Talbot-Booth RD,RNR


Miscellaneous – Articles, Booklets, Etc.


“Toledo’s Sister City in Poland” – Toledo Blade article


Ohio Theatre - article


Mercy College – 90 years


“Polish Community” – Toledo Blade article


Various Polish articles
“Genes and Family” – article from Newsweek Magazine


Family History Center LDS information


Toledo Lucas County Library information


Polish Fall Fest - October 10th & 11th, 2009 at Misiuda hall - Polish Roman Catholic Union of America (booklet)

Polish Genealogy Society of America – translation packet


PACT - Polish American Community of Toledo (brochure)