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St. Jude Parish

As more people moved into the southwestern part of Toledo and Adams Township, Bishop George J. Rehring directed Father William F. Brady, pastor of Saint Teresa Catholic Church, to purchase land for a new church. Father Brady bought ten acres along with a 132 foot easement of two acres along Byrne Road between the Avondale Avenue extension and Victory Avenue from Miller Farms, Inc. for $2500. Saint Teresa Parish gave this gift to the people of Saint Jude to serve Catholics in the western end of St. Teresa and in the northwestern end of Saint Charles Parish. Many Polish-American parishioners from Saint Hyacinth Church also chose to join.

On June 8, 1955, Bishop Rehring appointed Father Arthur T. Schmit as pastor to 425 families. Father Schmit celebrated Mass in the rented Mount Vernon School auditorium on Byrne Road at the Avondale extension. Approximately 690 people attended the first two Masses on September 11, 1955. One hundred and fifty people received Holy Communion, and the people gave $565 in the collection baskets. Parishioners sponsored card parties in their homes to raise money. On May 2, 1956 ground was broken for the combination one-story, block and brick, church-school building. The neighborhood children explored the foundation and climbed the dirt piles. Future plans, which never materialized, included building a larger, separate church closer to Byrne Road, and turning the old church into a gym and meeting hall. Father Schmit offered the first Mass in the new church on March 3, 1957. Bishop Rehring blessed the church, school and convent on October 28, 1957.
Four Sisters of Saint Francis and three women under the direction of Principal Sister May Aurelia greeted 389 students on September 3, 1957, the opening day of Saint Jude School. There were 186 boys and 203 girls; 56 children attended first grade, and the seventh and eighth graders were in one classroom. Families paid $10 for the first child and $5 for each additional child in tuition along with an $8 book fee per child. Saint Jude School consisted of eight classrooms, an office and a convent with a terrace. There were two classrooms, a kitchen and a cafeteria for 200, Sisters’ lounge, boiler room, storage space and a mimeograph room on the ground floor. In June 1971, the Sisters moved into the rectory and the pastor moved into a remodeled convent. Before school started in September of 1979, the Sisters moved into Our Lady of Lourdes convent, and the pastor returned to the rectory. After 46 years of providing a quality Catholic education, St. Jude School was closed in June 2003 because the number of parishioner students decreased and the financial costs of teacher salaries and utilities increased. The parish leased the school building to the George A. Philips Academy, a charter school, for $130,000 a year plus utilities. St. Jude Parish used these funds for necessary capital improvements and pastoral services.

Many men and women served the people of Saint Jude Parish on the pastoral staff. Father Schmit was respected and loved; parishioners sincerely mourned him after his sudden death caused by a heart attack in May 1960. After being pastor for 10 years, Father Cyril Lauer died in December of 1970. There were years of frequent changes in leadership but Father William Richter served the parish well from 1976 to 1982. When he died in 2004, the people remembered his kindness. Sister Angelita Abair, OSU, nicknamed Angel, was pastoral associate from 1977 to 1984. Father Mark Herzog brought new life to the parish between 1985 and 1995.

Throughout its 51-year history, Saint Jude Parish sponsored a diverse community life through the Rosary-Altar Society, Holy Name Society and St. Vincent de Paul Society. The Boys Scouts built their lodge in November 1962, the Girls Scouts began in 1961 and the Parent Teacher Organization started in 1969. In addition to the Parish Council, Liturgy and Music Committee and Sanctuary and Sacristy Committee, St Jude also sponsored art classes taught by Larry Hartman for 12 years and the Crafters.

St. Jude Parish was closed in June 2005. The metrical records can be found in the Diocesan Archives.


Pastors of St. Jude Parish:

Reverend Arthur Schmit (1955-1960)

Reverend Cyril Lauer (1960-1070)

Reverend John A. McClure, adminitrator pro tem (1970-1971)

Reverend Robert J. Drouillard (1971-1974)

Reverend Louis P. Denny (1974-1975)

Reverend Thomas A. Redding, administrator (1975-1976)

Reverend William L. Richter (1976-1982)

Reverend William C. Parker (1982-1985)

Reverend Bruce Lee Farmer (1985)

Reverend Mark Herzog (1985-1995)

Reverend Bernard A. Kokocinski (1995-2001)

Reverend Bernard J. Boff (2001-2003)

Reverend David J. Beck (2003-2005)


Sylvania Franciscans Who Served as Principals of St. Jude School:


Sr. M. Aurelia (1957-1960)

Sr. M. Anastasia (1960-1964)

Sr. M. Theodora (1964-1965)

Sr. M. Assisi (1965-1967)

Sr. M. James (1967-1973)

Sr. M. Lydia (1973-1976)

Sr. M. LaVerne (1976-1978)

Sr. M. Pierre (1978-1981)

Lay Principals of St. Jude School:

Ms. Rita Nowakowski (1981-1987)

Mrs. Barbara Lane (1987-1999)

Ms. Elizabeth Weiser (1999-2002)

Ms. Berterice Cole (2002-2003)


First Communion Class: October 28, 1957

First Confirmation Class: April 21, 1957, administered by the Most Reverend George J. Rehring, Bishop of Toledo

First Funeral Mass: Mrs. Eva Roberts, 83, March 11, 1957


Patron Saint:

St. Jude, aka Thaddeus or Jude Thaddeus, feast day October 28


Saint Jude was a brother of Saint James the Less, and a cousin of Jesus. One of the Twelve Apostles, Jude asked Jesus at the Last Supper why He would not show Himself to the whole world after the Resurrection. Jude preached the Gospel in Judea, Samaria, Idumaea, Syria, Mesopotamia and Lybia. In 62, he facilitated the election of his brother, Simeon, as Bishop of Jerusalem. He died a martyr in Beirut in the Roman province of Syria, about the year 65 A.D. Jude wrote an epistle to the Churches of the East. In this Christian Scriptures letter, he emphasized that Christians should persevere in the face of difficulties. Saint Jude is the patron saint of desperate cases, and his feat day is October 28. For many years, Saint Jude Church held the Novena to Saint Jude on Wednesday evenings; and more recently, the pastor celebrated Mass followed by prayers to St. Jude.


Prayer to Saint Jude:

Most holy Apostle, St. Jude, faithful servant and friend of Jesus, the Church honors and invokes you universally, as the patron of difficult  cases, of things almost despaired of. Pray for me, I am so helpless and alone. Intercede with God for me that He bring visible and speedy help where help is almost despaired of. Come to my assistance in this great need that I may receive  the consolation and help of heaven in all my necessities, tribulations, and  sufferings, particularly - (make your request here) - and that I may praise  God with you and all the saints forever. I promise, O Blessed St. Jude, to be  ever mindful of this great favor granted me by God and to always honor you as  my special and powerful patron, and to gratefully encourage devotion to you. Amen.


3650 Victory Avenue

Toledo, Ohio 43607




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