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2018 Library Hours: Monthly on the 3rd Saturday from Noon - 2 pm; 2nd and 4th Wednesdays from 11 am to 3 pm

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Over the years since TPGS originated, the society not only moved forward with its research, but along the way collected a considerable amount of Polish artifacts, books, photographs and records.  Thought was given on what to do with these items. It was decided that the club needed a place that could serve not only as a meeting place but also house these pieces of Polish history. In the early spring of 2008 TPGS member Marge Stefanski approached Fr. Marek Ciesla, pastor of St. Adalbert and St. Hedwig churches, about letting us use a classroom in the closed St. Hedwig School for a library and the use of the basement for our meeting room. With his consent the TPGS library was born, and a new meeting place was established!


Under the direction of TPGS member Kathy Dokurno-Brown, members came out and cleaned the classroom, donated office supplies, tables, chairs, books, paper, file cabinets, computers and printers.  During the following months Kathy Brown and Ann Warchol, who were the first and second librarians respectively, filed, cataloged, organized and readied the library for usage of its membership. It was in April, 2008 that TPGS moved into their new meeting location and the dream of a research library materialized!


In the fall of 2009 Ann Warchol had to step down from the position of head librarian, A search then began for her replacement. TPGS member Marlene Hardman stepped forward and offered to take on this position. Under her guidance the library was moved to another classroom, where TPGS members again came out to clean, paint and ready for use. Regular library hours were established, and the "Polonia Journal" was published. This newsletter is a great genealogical research aid that is published quarterly for the membership.


The research library contains a wide variety of books, records and maps for genealogy research. Many Polish records from the churches in the Lagrinka and Kuhchwantz neighborhoods have been transcribed by many TPGS members and put on the computers and in binders in the library. Some of these records are a great resource for finding out where your family may have came from in Poland!  Photographs of school classes, churches, and religious events relevant to the Polish community are also available.  The club also inherited old newspapers including copies of the Shopper Herald from the years 1937 thru 1987, which told about the everyday lives of the Polish community. Other collections include: yearbooks, city directories, parish histories and so much more!


Also among the many library materials is a Surname List book containing all the surnames being researched by the members, a scrapbook which holds Four Generation Pedigree Charts for many of the members, a 1st Immigrant database book created by member Russell Pawlowski, and so much more!


The library is open the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of the month and every other Wednesday from 11-3 pm. It is closed during the summer months. Also you must be a TPGS member to gain admittance!


Members, please come and see what you can discover about you family's Polish ancestry!


Sincerely, Marlene Hardman ~ Librarian