Toledo Polish Genealogical Society
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Message from our President

How exciting that you stopped by to check out what the Toledo Polish Genealogical Society is all about. I have been active in the club since the beginning back in 2002 and I assure you we have grown by leaps and bounds over the years.

This is my second term as President, a position I held back in 2008, so I have had ten years to think about things I might like to incorporate into the society. Along with my fellow officers, Kevin Kwiatkowski, the vice president, Ann Warchol, our secretary, and Michael Marek, the newly elected treasurer, we want to make your every experience meaningful.

Over the years we have had many adventures, knocked down a lot of brick walls and discovered how to grow our family trees.  Please consider joining our society and see how your roots will develop and watch that tree sprout, with a little nudging from our knowledgeable staff.

Our librarians can point you in the right direction to discover your past.  Our patrons are always excited to help with ideas when you are stuck, and we ALL celebrate when you find a missing leaf or two to add to that tree.

We invite you to click on the web page and discover what we are all about.  Join us for a meeting and remember you are only a stranger until you introduce yourself!

Looking forward to an exciting term in office.

Marge Stefanski

President 2018/2019

Note:  The Toledo Polish Genealogical Society is a 501c3 non-profit organization for genealogists who are researching ancestors in Poland, or Polish-Americans in the Toledo, Ohio area. Our goal is to collect, disseminate and preserve information through education, research and discussions at our meetings. This information can be used to help our members add to their family trees.